Geary Kull, my son’s baseball coach, happens to be thebest qualified
candidate for the ninth subcircuit Otaka vacancy.  A formerdefense
attorney appointed to the bench last year, Judge Kull has earned
thehighest recommendation from all four bar associations and is
endorsed by boththe Tribune and Sun-Times. In its Sunday editorial
urging voters to go to thepolls on Tuesday, the Tribune writes: “Judges
shouldn’t be elected.But until that system changes, elect the best.”
 Unfortunately, the Democratic Party of Evanston isrecommending a
politically connected lawyer who was forced to resign from the
ILAttorney General’s office for doing electioneering work on the
job. (For details, see cable TV show:  I encourage everyone
voting in the Democratic primary (Evanston, Skokie, Wilmette,
Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Rogers Park) to punch 193 forGeary Kull.
 The Chicago Bar Assocation finds Judge Kull “highlyqualified” because
of his “knowledge of the law, legal ability andoutstanding

Bob Heuer