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The Evanston Township High School branch of the NAACP has planned the following activities for Black History Month, the theme of which is “Striving Toward Excellence: ‘Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me ‘Round.’”

 The opening event is a celebration of drums and poetry featuring recently retired ETHS math teacher Janet Webb and current ETHS English teacher Toly Walker, both of whom are published poets. It is scheduled for 10:58-1:14 (periods 4-6) in A241 on Feb. 11.

 On Feb. 12, Mrs. Mattie Amaker and Mrs. Ava Greenwell will do a presentation on genealogy in Lab E of the Bacon Computer Center, from 10:58-1:14 (periods 4-6).

 Two events are scheduled for Feb. 17: the Unity Scholarship Fair in the College and Career Center and the Food for the Soul Luncheon in N112; both events run from 10:58-1:14. Students can learn about scholarship opportunities and enjoy some soul food cooked by ETHS culinary arts students.

Feb. 18 will feature a student-run panel discussion addressing issues faced by black students in the new millennium; the panel discussion will take place in A241 from 10:58-1:14 (periods 4-6).  Additionally, after school, we will host the the initial Film Festival screening, followed by a discussion in the Little Theatre.  Each film will begin at 4 p.m.  

African-American female professionals, including ETHS staff, will be part of a panel discussion titled “Visions of Black Women: Raising the Bar” and scheduled for 10:58-1:14 (periods 4-6) in A241 from on Feb. 19.  The women and their areas of expertise will be introduced, and then they will field questions from students. The theme of the discussion will be “What is a vision? What does it mean to have a vision? How does one develop a vision? What happens when one’s vision gets blurred or temporarily blinded? What will youth  need in order to strive toward excellence? What should the vision for black women in this country be?”

African-American male professionals, including ETHS staff, will have their opportunity to address the youth during the “Visions of Black Men: Raising the Bar” panel discussion that will take place 10:58-1:14 (periods 4-6) in A241 on Feb. 23.  The format will be the same as the “Visions of Black Women” panel discussion, this time focusing on issues for black men in the new millennium.

 The Film Festival will conclude on Feb. 24 in the Little Theatre. The closing event for the celebration will take place on Feb. 25.  ETHS’s Mary Theresa Reed will present a program on the history of black music in the auditorium at 10:06-10:53 and again at 2:53-3:35 (periods 3 and 9).

Movies planned for the film fest are “Malcom X” by Spike Lee, “4 Little Girls” by Spike Lee and either “Rosewood” or “Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored.”