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The next Science Café will be at 6:30 on Feb. 10 at the Celtic Knot Public House, 626 Church St. Religious communities sometimes are regarded as indifferent or hostile to the environmental movement. Recently, religious leaders and their communities have given increasing attention to environmental activism. Some ask what the sacred texts say that gives motivation and guidance In this context, Northwestern University chaplain Tim Stevens will explore the relationship between religion and the environment. There will be a “café dinner” available for purchase. Thomas Friedman’s best-seller, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution – and How It Can Renew America,” is the book chosen for the One Book One Northwestern program that Northwestern University sponsors each year. The One Book Science Café series continues to aim towards stimulating a conversation across our community from as many diverse angles as possible. “It’s our planet – let’s talk about it!”