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Dawes students have, for the past six years, been learning about healthy eating by growing their own vegetables in the school garden. This winter, lessons moved into the classroom. With much anticipation, students welcomed the cooking teacher and her kitchen-on-wheels into their midst. 

It was burgers they were going to make. Elizabeth Thomas from Nurture explained these would  be veggie burgers that is, made from black beans and zucchini, along with a side of mango salsa. Graters, mashers, knives, measuring cups, and spoons were put to good use mixing the spices, combining ingredients, molding the burgers and doing the important job of clean-up. 

While the burgers cooked, Ms. Thomas led the group through yoga stretches, calming them down and re-focusing their energy for the tasting. “Different but good” seemed to be the consensus, as students sampled the food, a reminder that opening the mind to new taste experiences is at the heart of the program. Dawes Wellness Committee, organizer of the experience, is grateful to Slow Food USA and the Dawes PTA for making this project possible.