The boys of summer are swinging into spring,

Dreaming their dreams while doing their thing.

 A team is emerging to try once again

To get to the top with win after win.

It isn’t that easy they found out before,

A hundred and one times – quite probably more.

That’s not what they play for but still there’s a doubt

 If our loveable losers can find a way out

From under the curses, the goats and black cats.

 The Bartmans and steroids and even corked bats.

But history is history, that’s all long ago;

It’s today and tomorrow that scripts the Big Show.

It’s up to the Cubbies, they know what it takes

To get to the playoffs and ante the stakes.

But that’s about all they’ve managed to do

For a century plus one. God! Will it be two?

You bet your sweet bippy, that’s what it will be

As long as the Cubbies never get free

 Of the worst curse of all they have carried for years,

That is making them rich while bringing fans tears:

“Loveable losers” – a label that’s funny  

 Except when you wonder if it’s all about money.

The aim of the game is to go all the way,

Be wonderboy winners day after day.

But how can that happen when fans come to see

Their loveable losers blow three outta three,

Then come back expecting the guys to get sore

 Only to watch them blow four outta four.

 “Loveable losers” – that label is worse

than anything else, even Siannis’ curse.

A monkey that’s heavy on everyone’s back

Plays tricks with the mind and throws outta whack

What baseball’s about: That’s WINNING, you jerks –

It’s as simple as that, the one thing that works!

Losing ain’t loveable, losers the same –

 It’s winning, hey, winning that’s the name of the game.

So, Cubbies, please know that, then play like you do

And get that damn monkey back to the zoo.