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The following message is posted on the website of Evanston Township High School:

“Message from Superintendent Witherspoon
“On Wednesday morning at the start of the school day,
Evanston Township High School received an anonymous phone call. The caller indicated that he was distraught over breaking up with his girlfriend. He said he had a gun and was going to come to ETHS this morning and shoot people. He did not indicate that he or his girlfriend was affiliated with ETHS. We are not sure if the caller was a student or an adult. ETHS was immediately placed on alert status and the campus was closed. ETHS and Evanston Police Department officials worked closely on the situation. EPD secured the entire outside perimeter of the school and assigned police officers to the inside of the school as well. Following the advice of police officials, ETHS did not permit students or staff to leave the building, a safety measure designed to avoid putting anybody in harm’s way and to keep entrances and exits clear so that officials would not be distracted while monitoring all activity. A limited number of people with appointments were admitted after careful screening and after being searched with metal detector wands.

“While the threat was for Wednesday morning, the school will remain on lockdown all day as a precautionary measure to assure the safety of students and staff. There will also be a large police presence when school is dismissed. No threat was made for later in the day, and after-school and evening activities at ETHS will proceed as planned. However, there will be an increased police presence as well as a large detail of ETHS Safety officers at ETHS this evening. Heightened security measures will be in place for the remainder of the week while the police investigation continues. In the mornings before school, only the front entrance and the back entrance will be open. All students and school personnel will have to enter at through one of those two doors. Police visibility will be increased at ETHS.

“While anonymous calls invariably turn out not to be credible, ETHS and EPD do not take these types of threats lightly. We will remain vigilant and will continue to take all necessary steps to keep our students and staff safe.