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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that Evanston is among 35 Midwest communities that have joined its Community Climate Change Initiative and committed to take action to reduce their town’s carbon footprint.

Evanston is one of 16 Illinois communities to take part in the Community Climate Change Initiative which the EPA launched in 2009, calling on communities to join one of six EPA climate change partnership programs: Energy Star Challenge, WasteWise, WaterSense, Combined Heat and Power, Green Power Partnership, and Landfill Methane Outreach Program.

Evanston became an official partner by joining the Energy Star Challenge as well as the new WaterSense Program. WaterSense is a new program developed by the EPA.  

“Being part of the WaterSense program is a logical step for the City of Evanston due to our deep commitment to sustainability,” said Dave Stoneback, Superintendent of Water. “This program will help residential and business customers alike conserve water and save money doing so.”

Similar to EnergyStar, which is for energy efficient appliances, WaterSense applies to water efficient fixtures.  However, the WaterSense rating does not just mean “low-flow”, all products are rigorously tested to be high performance as well.

In 2008, consumers saved 9.3 billion gallons of water and 1 billion kWh through use of WaterSense labeled products which equated to a $55 million savings just on water bills alone.

“Replacing an older existing toilet with a WaterSense labeled toilet can save over 4000 gallons per year,” explained Stoneback. “At our current water rates, that is $29 a year.” 

Installing a WaterSense faucet can save 500 gallons a year over a conventional faucet.  Not only will you save on your water bill, but you will save on electricity or gas from not having to heat the extra water. There are over 430 labeled models of toilets and 1500 labeled models of faucets. Calculate your own potential water savings by using the WaterSense Savings Calculator.

More information can be found about the WaterSense program here…