The Evanston City Council recently adopted several changes for sanitation services that will take effect in April:

Yard Waste: Starting April 5 the City will charge a fee for yard waste collections. Residents have two options for yard waste disposal: a sticker for each bag or a yard waste cart for unlimited pick-up. 

A $1.75 charge per yard waste stickers will begin April 5. A sticker must be affixed to each yard waste paper bag and/or tree trimming bundles for pick-up.  Stickers are now available for purchase at the City Collector’s Office at 2100 Ridge Ave. as well as at all Evanston Whole Foods Markets, Dominick’s and Jewel stores; more purchase locations will be added. Place yard waste in paper yard waste bags, such as 30-gallon Kraft Paper Lawn Waste Bags, available in packages at local stores. Plastic bags will not be collected. Special pickup fees for yard waste collection will be assessed after 48 hours for bags without stickers.

Alternatively, residents can have an unlimited amount of yard waste collected from a wheeled cart for an annual fee of $25. Use your existing 95-gallon cart or purchase from the City for $82.50. These reusable carts do not require bags or stickers. To order a cart, download and complete the form or pick one up from the City Collector’s Office. Submit forms to City Collector’s Office, City of Evanston, 2100 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL 60201. All orders must be accompanied by a check payable to “City of Evanston” for full amount of purchase. Carts have a limited five-year warranty that does not cover theft, abuse or negligence.

Yard waste fees are assessed annually and will appear on your water bill in July. Pickups continue on your regular refuse/recycling collection day 4/5/10-12/10/10. To ensure compliance with state laws, yard waste must be collected separately from the rest of the household waste.

Residents can also compost and mulch to recycle the earth’s nutrients, save money, and conserve vanishing landfill space. For further information on composting, call the Ecology Center at 847-448-8256.

Refuse Collections: The City assesses a service charge for solid waste services. On April 1 a new sanitation fee structure will be put in place.
For those with a 65-gallon wheeled refuse cart, there will be a $6.95 fee per month per dwelling unit for each cart issued. For residents with the larger 95-gallon wheeled refuse cart (your current cart size), there will be a $10.95 fee per month per dwelling unit for one City-issued wheeled refuse cart plus one 30-gallon or less trash bag. For any additional wheeled refuse carts one might need, there will be a $6.95 fee per month per dwelling unit for each additional cart of any size.
The initial monthly fee shall be based on the largest wheeled cart present at the location. Residents interested in downsizing to a 65-gallon cart may do call Streets and Sanitation at 84-866-2940. Residents with 65-gallon carts will not be permitted to have excess refuse. If refuse exceeds the 65-gallon capacity, the City reserves the right to upgrade the resident to the larger cart.
All reccurring charges will be assessed on your bi-monthly water bill. Refuse collection is provided weekly for 1-4-unit residences.

Guidelines and Regulations for Solid Waste Pickups

  • Yard waste and household waste cannot be mixed.
  • Sanitation crews will handle only City-issued containers.
  • No construction materials will be picked up. Failure to properly dispose of construction waste will result in a fine.
  • No car parts, gas, oil, asbestos, medical waste or other hazardous waste will be accepted.(Call the City for a special free pickup for tires.)
  • All refuse must be bagged, contained or bundled.
  • The City provides one functional refuse cart at no charge; additional  refuse carts are $75 each. To order an additional cart, download and complete a form or pick it up at the City Collector’s Office. Forms must be returned to the City Collector’s Office, 2100 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL 60201.