“Luv Makes U Do Krazy Things” may sound like a wild and wacky comedy, but it isn’t. That doesn’t mean it’s a serious drama. Rather, the original play is a hybrid of the two, or what Lydia G. Reynolds, its producer, director and playwright, calls “a spiritual dramedy.”

Whatever you call it, “Luv” offers something for every frame of mind, as audiences will discover when the play takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 27, and 6:30 p.m. Sunday, March 28, at Friendship Baptist Church, 2201 Foster Ave.

All of the cast members are from Evanston and the surrounding area, and most of the cast are members of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Cast members are Kellie and Brian Corley, Renee Black, Melanie Davis, Kirk Preister, Crystal Pettis and Shania Wright.

There are three songs in the production. Reynolds wrote one; Black, Reynolds’ sister-in-law, wrote the song she sings; and there’s a gospel number.

Reynolds, who has been driving in from St. Louis every weekend since October for rehearsals, says theatergoers will have no trouble bonding with the characters or identifying with the issues the play presents, such as troubled relationships, the ability to laugh in the midst of sorrow and helping someone in a desperate situation.

The lighter parts may seem incongruous in light of the central subject of the play – emotional and physical abuse – but that’s how it happens in real life, Reynolds says. For instance, we’ve all heard of movie stars, like the play’s lead character, who look like they have everything anyone could want, until it’s revealed, despite their best efforts to hide it, that they also have an abusive husband.

Not surprising, says Reynolds, a criminologist for the St. Louis Metro Police Department, “considering that one of every three or four women in the U.S. are abused.”

And, if we’re lucky, we also know someone who steps in to offer help and advice to the victim. Mortal beings, Reynolds says, aren’t the only heroes in the play.

“We ease religion in; we’re sneaky,” she says with a laugh. “We don’t want the public to think this is a church production and that they’re being preached at. On the other hand, there’s a bit of ministering going on. And the title ‘Luv Makes You Do Krazy Things’ is a reference to God, who loved His son so much He sent him to die for us.”

Reynolds and company are doing their part to help abuse victims by donating a portion of the play’s proceeds to the women’s shelter at the YWCA in Evanston.

Tickets to “Luv Makes U Do Krazy Things” are $18.50; $5 for children 10 and under. Group discounts available. For more information, call 314-520-7653.