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City Manager Walter Bobkiewicz announced on Monday that he has reconfigured three of the City’s operations and appointed existing directors to these new operations.

Suzette (Eggleston) Robinson, who has been serving as interim director of public works, will now be the director of public works. In announcing the appointment, Mr. Bobkiewicz said, “Suzette has done an outstanding job as interim department director while continuing her service as superintendent of streets and sanitation.”

Mr. Bobkiewicz also said, “Suzette will now lead the public works department through critical changes in how we collect refuse, recycling and yard waste; in how we manage and maintain our vehicle and equipment fleet; and how we plan and improve our transportation networks.

“The Department will also enhance its focus on how its operations can be as sustainable and environmentally sensitive as possible. I look forward to her leadership in meeting these important challenges.”

He added that some services provided by the public works department will now be shifted to other areas of operations within the City.

Dave Stoneback, superintendent of water and sewer for the City will lead a new utilities department. As director of utilities, Mr. Stoneback will continue to oversee existing water and sewer operations in addition to other strategic utility opportunities, Mr. Bobkiewicz said.

He added that Mr. Stonebeck will focus on “growing the City’s water business, address mid- and long-range financial and capital issues in both water and sewer utilities and explore new opportunities to make the most of all utility operations in Evanston,”

Administrative Services Director Joellen Daley will take on parking operations, working with Parking Manager Rickey Voss, Mr. Bobkiewicz said.

Recently, the parking systems staff moved from the third floor to the first floor of the Civic Center to be co-located with the revenue staff.

“Mr. Voss will move to the first floor and work with Joellen on how best to utilize the co-located staff. Rickey and his staff will continue their excellent work from this new location,” said Mr. Bobkiewicz.

Assistant City Manager Martin Lyons will work with Mr. Stoneback, Ms. Daly and Mr. Voss in their new positions, Mr. Bobkiewicz said.