These trompe d’oeil potholes may have solved the epistemological and metaphysical questions about the nature of holes, their independent existence, their attachment to their hosts and their materiality.

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… that street-sweeping begins tomorrow. Don’t park where you’re not supposed to park. Look at the signs. Heed the signs. Fear the signs. If the signs say not to park between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. and the street is swept by 2 p.m., keep your car off the street until 4 p.m. anyway. If you’re parking in the wrong place on a street with two-sided parking, you’ll likely only get a ticket. But if you’re parking in the wrong place on a street with one-sided parking only, then be aware your car may be towed. The City is also planning to tow cars on streets with one-side-only parking if they are in the wrong place at street-sweeping time.

… that April is also contruction season. Watch for a change of lanes in the Sheridan Road repairs, temporary “No Parking” signs north and east of Downtown, extra traffic on Dodge and, sempiternally, the lack of lane markings on the Main Street bridge. Lane markings, particularly those for left turns, are also pretty faint on Dodge between Main and Dempster.

… that the more-than-two-hour parking spaces are getting to be prime real estate in the downtown area. TG hears that some folks also like the “pay-by-space” parking option at the City parking garage on Sherman Avenue attached to the Best Western hotel there. Seems the City is waking up to the fact that two hours is just not enough time to spend in Evanston. Let’s keep hoping for kinder, gentler parking regulations and enforcement thereof.

… that Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches plans to relocate from its place on Clark (between Benson and Sherman) to Sherman itself, at 1729.

… that the City plans to purchase about $70,000 of hot asphalt from Orange Crush in Skokie.

… that an RT staff member took this photo of an enigmatic warning in a suburb north of here.

… that, while we’re on the subject of pothole repairs, TG hears the City and the Village of Wilmette have received a state Emergency Resurfacing Program grant to repair Isabella between Ewing (14th Street in Wilmette) and Green Bay. (We share jurisdiction of the street.) Speaking of emergency repairs, here’s a pic, circulating around the Internet and finally making it to TG, of how a place in Canada uses “potholes” to curb traffic. The Internet note says the potholes are moved around frequently.

Now that’s an April fool.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that this is not an April fool. Here’s a recap of what happened one night in late February near the RT office when AT&T crews were trying to restore service: AT&T used a jackhammer from about 9:30 p.m. until after midnight to fix a wet line for their VRAD; apparently about 50 customers were without service. The family in the adjacent house reported that they and neighbors had to “endure the jackhammer vibrating my house … and the generator and power saw ran for hours about five feet from the house.  So much for the noise ordinance. …  I would almost trade this for a car with a boom box next to my house.”

AT&T apparently arrived early in the morning but did not bother to notify the resident or the neighbors that they were going to start digging at 9 p.m. The homeowner said the AT&T crew ignored his requests to get a permit to dig and to be careful of the two-story-tall tree in front of the house. AT&T also tore up the flower bed planted by the City, he reported. He has since asked to have the VRAD relocated.

… that, even though Mayor Tisdahl refused to jump in the lake or do cartwheels to attract Google to this fair City, she could have offered this healthier version of fiber optic.

… that champagne will be in order once the WCTU historic district is approved.