Sixth-grader Fae Kobernik researched the life of Oskar Schindler. The jar on the table has a penny representing each person Mr. Schindler saved.

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Chiaravalle Montessori School’s traditional Upper Elementary Interest Fair was March 3. Students did guided research on any topic of interest, wrote a paper and created a 3D visual and display board.. Presentation skills were practiced with students’ Lower Elementary peers and the projects were presented to parents in the evening. Chiaravalle children this year were interested in a wide range of topics:

Fae Kobernik, sixth grade. researched Oskar Schindler. Fae was inspired by the work of Oskar Schindler. The jar on the table has a penny representing each person Schindler saved with one blue stone marker representing Schindler himself. She wanted to demonstrate in a concrete way the impact one person’s actions could have. The golden ring represents the gold ring made by prisoners for Schindler from their own dental work. On the ring was the inscription: “He who saves a single soul saves the world entire.”

Sam Frederickson, sixth grade, researched the history of Rock and Roll. For his 3-dimensional project, he and his father made the electric guitar shown in the photo. They began with a blank form and built the functioning guitar together. Sam and classmate Jonathan Neuberger performed an electric/acoustic version of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.”

Nastassja Litinsky, sixth grade, was interested in the life and work of Julia Child. Well-versed in Julia Child’s life and work, Nastassja tested four desserts from four different Julia Child cookbooks. During the evening presentation with parents, she served samples of the winning cake: Le Gateau Victoire au Chocolate, Mousseline.

Isabel Ouweleen, fifth grade, was intrigued by jazz artist Ella Fitzgerald. Isabel brought in her grandfather’s old Victrola and 78 rpm vinyl recording of “A-Tisket, A-Tasket.” Isabel’s favorite story about the colorful life of Ella Fitzgerald was from her youth: Ella had run away from a juvenile prison. She was 15 and homeless in Harlem, NY. What she wanted most was to be a dancer, so she attended an amateur night at the Apollo Theater. Ella went on stage, froze, and then began to sing: the beginning of a fascinating career.