Fifteen different signs, most telling people what not to do or when not to do it, or both, greet those who pass over from Howard Street into Evanston on Asbury.

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… that Dempster is one lane each direction between McCormick and Pitner.

… that Dodge Avenue between Dempster and Greenleaf is still one lane in each direction while new curbs are being installed. Sheridan Road northbound north of Main remains closed, although local northbound traffic can use parallel residential streets.

… that, among other construction projects, the ongoing project by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) is supposed to continue through about May 21. This is the rehab of the Evanston Intercepting Sewer, Orrington Avenue Leg. Kenny Construction is the contractor, and the system is the CIPP – cured-in-place piping. Here’s how Kenny describes it: “[CIPP] is accomplished by the installation of a resin-impregnated flexible felt tube, commonly referred to as “the liner,” into the existing sewer pipe. The liner is then expanded to the size and shape of the host pipe when it is filled with clean water. The curing is accomplished by circulating hot water until the resin is converted into a hard, impermeable line pipe.” Some folks have complained about the smell, but Dave Stoneback, director of the City’s Utilities Department, says the smell may be noticeable but not harmful. Residents in the Davis/Orrington/Hinman area should watch for temporary “No Parking” signs and should know that, although the regular work hours are 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., the liner-installation works will be performed overnight – 10 p.m. – 10 a.m. Kenny’s project manager on this project is Brian Considine, 847-673-0103; the MWRD’s number is 312-751-5600; Mr. Stoneback’s number is 847-866-2942.

… that the City will take over maintenance of several bus shelters abandoned by PACE but still used by CTA buses. Whereas PACE maintains its shelters, the CTA does not. Suzette Robinson, Streets and San, said that maintenance will begin now that staff is not needed for snow removal (one hopes) until fall. The Mayor, the City Manager and the Third Ward Alderman met with CTA officials about repairs and upgrades to the Purple line, particularly the viaducts. While nothing has been scheduled or promised yet, the Mayor and the alderman called the meeting “productive.”

 … that a vote is expected soon on a measure that would protect pedestrians and make it safer for children, the elderly and the disabled to cross the street. HB 43 would require drivers to come to a complete stop for all pedestrians in crosswalks. It clarifies current law, which requires drivers to only yield and stop when necessary. More than 6,000 pedestrians are hit in Illinois each year. Those incidents result in more than 1,000 serious injuries and 170 fatalities a year.

… that NU proposes to build a four-story addition connecting two of its dormitories, Elder Hall and Lincoln Hall, to give residents of both dormitories access to the dining hall. The addition will be principally of glass, and will have an elevator, a bike rack (screened by landscaping) and an ADA path. 

… that folks who missed the Traffic Guy poetry contest (postponed until fall) may wish to enter the Library’s poetry competition to select five original poems to be installed on the sidewalk ramp in front of the Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Ave. From the City: “The competition is open to Evanston residents of all ages. Original poems appropriate for a public audience are welcome. Submissions must be sent to Library Sidewalk Poem Project, c/o Evanston Public Library, 1703 Orrington Ave, Evanston, IL  60201.” The receipt deadline for entries is May 10. More info at or 847-448-8260.

… that AT&T continues its VRAD encroachment, with the next six locations planned for the alley behind 820 Foster (on the public land); the parkway on Grove Street behind 1551 Wesley Ave., which entails relocating the VRAD from the alley behind the school to north of the alley at the west end of Grove (a “screenable location”); the parkway on Elmwood behind 319 Ridge, near St. Francis Hospital (also screenable); near Bookman’s Alley, behind 1710 and 1712 Sherman Ave.; and adjacent to Union Pacific Line/City Parking Lot across 1514 Elmwood Ave. After a resident of the 900 Grove Street building said he was concerned about the view of the VRAD box in the park, a new location was selected, behind a series of bushes to the south.  A proposal to locate a VRAD adjacent to the Union Pacific Line on Mulford, across form 602 Mulford on a cul de sac is under review. Some members of the SPAARC are hoping to get permission from Ridgeville Park District to move the location to a site about 70 feet north of there. 

… that there could soon be a 25.3 kW photovoltaic system on the roof of the water utility. Funding from grants will cover some of the costs, and the City’s out-of-pocket cost is estimated to be $55-60,000.

… that some folks are still buzzin’ about the new street cleaning schedule. RT staff anxiously awaited the street-sweepers, ticketers and towers last week, as the City’s website said the 1100 block of Florence was scheduled for street cleaning “April 20 and 21.” No one showed up that week, but they were out the following week. Confusion still reigns, because although most residential streets are supposedly to be swept only every three weeks, the new signs would appear ban parking on a weekly basis, street-sweeping or not. While this new schedule was purportedly designed to reduce the costs of street-sweeping (and it will, as one fewer street-sweeping machine is being used), it is also likely to increase the City’s coffers with an influx of parking-violations.

… that tomorrow is Evanston Day in Springfield: Civic and business leaders, NU officials, and elected and appointed City officials are all going to the State capital to lobby members of the General Assembly. The teachers went last week for the same reason.

… that summer is a-comin’ and Dairy Queen is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Blizzard ice-cream treat with a Blizzardmobile. This custom-designed vehicle is rolling out to 25 cities across the U.S. and Canada, distributing more than 75,000 free mini (6 oz.) Blizzards. DQ PR reports that “the entire world can connect with the Blizzardmobile by tracking it online at through photos, videos and blog posts. Visitors online will also find a series of webisodes starring Blizzard’s first family the Blizzmanns.”

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that there are altogether too many signs on the parkways. Take a look at the photo (at the top of the page) of signs along Asbury as soon as the unsuspecting visitor crosses Howard (or returns to PRE, the People’s Republic of Evanston). So do we really want people to come here or just violate some laws on their
way through?