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Ann Dienner sat through last week’s meeting of the Preservation Commisson, attentive to each request, but the one that stuck with her, she says, was one from the City.

“The request was for a recommendation from the Preservation Commission for teh City Council to approve $50,000,” she said, to help cover the nearly $1 million needed for roof repairs at the Civic Center.

“So I thought, ‘Why not sell shingles – have community members ‘purchase’ a shingle, the way people purchase bricks to help offset the cost of some parks.” Ms. Dienner said she envisions several tiers of shingles – “gold, silver and just plain shingle” – which would represent the various levels of donations. “Of course I know the shingles would all look the same,” she told the RoundTable. Donors could be acknowledged in an “honor roll” in a room at the Civic Center – perhaps at the Clerk’s office, she said.

“You want to make this idea light, because we had so much trouble getting the building saved,” she said. “Every time I go over there and see those canopies [protecting pedestrians from falling shingles] I say, ‘This should not be.’”

Ms. Dienner says she supported keeping the City’s headquarters in the Civic Center because the building, a former Catholic girls’ school, is a solid one. “When the Catholics built, they built for eternity,” she said.