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 On May 18, at approximately 7:45 a.m., a juvenile female was walking to school in the 1100 block of Clark Street, when she was accosted from behind, said Commander Tom Guenther, Public Information Officer for the Evanston Police Department.  The young female told police that the offender grabbed her and then dragged her into some nearby bushes. Once concealed in the shrubbery, the offender attempted to remove her pants.

The young female fought back, and was able to break away from the offender and flee the area on foot. The young female then returned to a relative’s house and police were notified. Police responded to the area, but could not locate the offender. 

Commander Guenther said that the young female said in a subsequent police interview that she recognized the offender. She said she had casual conversations with the offender at the Davis Street elevated train stop, on previous days on her way to school. 

The Police Department’s Juvenile Bureau is currently investigating this case as an isolated incident. Anyone having knowledge pertaining to the incident is asked to contact the Evanston police Juvenile Bureau at 847.866.5050.