Pam and James Elesh were honored at the May 24 City Council meeting for contributing money for the rehab of the Jens Jensen-designed grotto at lighthouse landing.

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The City presented an Illinois Parks and Recreation Association Community Service award to Pamela and James Elesh for their work to fund and facilitate the renovation of the Jens Jensen designed grotto and garden at lighthouse landing. Mayor Elizabeth Tisdhal said, “If you want to get something done in Evanston, you call Pam Elesh.” Ms. Elesh said she hoped “other citizens if Evanston will look around and find a project they would like to” take on to make Evanston an even more beautiful place.

Briefly, the City received two police department grants, one for a Records Storage and Management System and the second for 16 new Tasers and related equipment.

The Class AC liquor license allowing liquor to be served at the movie theater’s attached bar has been expanded to allow service and consumption in the theaters themselves during special events such as live opera or other concert broadcasts. Soon, patrons will be able to carry drinks straight into the theater. According to staff materials, the theater hosts about 45 such special events each year.

The City’s anti-idling ordinance has been tweaked a bit. The ordinance previously banned idling in the City for more than 5 minutes in any given 60 minute period. City Attorney Grant Farrar said, however, the ordinance needed to be more specific as to where idling was prohibited. Citizen complaints about idling at body shops and in business driveways also raised concerns. The ordinance has now been amended to specify that idling is prohibited “on any public street, public place or private property.” An amendment also tightens the exemption for City vehicles by mandating that City vehicles operate “in compliance with the City of Evanston Vehicle Idling Management Policy.” The amendment has not been written.

The same exceptions remain. The policy only applies to vehicles weighing more than 8,000 pounds, and buses can idle for 15 minutes rather than 5 every hour “to maintain passenger comfort while nondriver passengers are on board,” among other exceptions.