An argument last week on Darrow Avenue has resulted in the death of a young man and the injury – possibly permanent – of a second person.

One has to wonder whether the barrel of every gun fires two bullets – the physical one that is shot toward a victim, packed with rage, fear, even legal justification at times – and a second one, also packed with destruction, that rebounds upon the shooter.

The first bullet is aimed at destroying another human being. Scars, death, paralysis or other permanent injury may be the result. A person who recovers will still likely forever be changed.  

The second bullet is intangible. It reverberates through the shooter and his or her conscience and spreads throughout the family, the neighborhood, the community and the legal system. Lives are ended, families destroyed, communities torn apart through the unwarranted use of handguns.

The problem of deaths from handguns is greater than Evanston. Nationwide, it reflects a culture of violence, a culture that is so pervasive and entrenched that it has been called a public health problem.

The community is reverberating from the death of another youth. Now is the time to act.