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Keep Evanston Beautiful (KEB) promotes “No Child Left Indoors.” The following excerpts were taken from the third-, fourth- and fifth-grade award winning essays. The Awards Ceremony was held at the Ecology Center on May 12.

Third Grade

I Like Recycling by Cameron Miles Powell:

…Recycling means so much to me because it helps the world be clean and it helps save money. …One thing that I did that changed my life in a positive way is when I helped Evanston Day Nursery plant a garden. 

Fourth Grade

Outdoors by Alexa Dolinko

…As I waited, the deer slowly, cautiously started to come out of the woods. I kept standing still, knowing the slightest move would send it galloping back into the woods.

Flying by Anika Haimes Blitzstein

…When I look up, I see birds flying high like me. I spread my wings and fly. That is one of my experiences outside. And there is only one word to describe what I feel, Free!

Outside by Cameron Christine Lind

…When I go outside the beautiful grass really influences me. I want to keep it there. When I sit down in the grass I try not to pull it out of the ground.

Cool Experiences of the Outdoors by Clara Anne Siebert

…And those few minutes with the robin red breasts have helped me to realize all the pretty creatures and living things that surround us may be lost, just because we make one mistake in our lifetime that could effect other generations.

Fifth Grade

Outdoor Essay by Ella Roberts

…I reach across and pluck a large green leaf off a small twig. The leaf is cold and it cools me down. A wind blows the leaf out of my hand and it flutters gently to the ground.

My Outdoors Essay by Georgia Swinand

…last year I observed the ducks often, and I learned many things about them.

The parent ducks were very protective of their young, one time one of the ducklings started to waddle out of the pond, and the mother duck went frantic! Also, they would always ‘eat as a family” when I gave them a slice of bread the father duck tore it apart then ate it with his family.

 Outdoor Essay by Gwyn Hodges

…In a park close to my house an amazing tree was cut down. It was the tallest tree I had ever seen, and brings back memories of when I played in the hole in the middle. All trees have an ending. I can always tell each tree has their own personality in each trunk. They bring smells, looks and beauty to the world.

When Nature Took My breath Away by Matthew Anderson

…And hike we did. We hiked to the top of Harney Peak, the highest point east of the Rocky Mountains. It was seven miles round trip. Perfect for me. When we reached the top we had a fifty-mile view from every point on the peak. That was when nature took my breath away.

“No Child Left Inside”: Be Patient by Allison Neggers

…We planted the seeds and then watered them….. I waited for a month. Then another. I knew they wouldn’t grow in the winter. Then I waited or one more month. It started to get warmer and it was close to spring. After a few more days, I saw tiny leaves coming up. And then after a few more days, I could see flower buds. And then after a few more weeks, the flowers had fully grown. What I learned from this is patience.