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Light Opera Works, in its 30th year, presents  “The Yeomen of the Guard,” which will run until June 13. The opera tells the story of Colonel Fairfax, is imprisoned and sentenced to die after being falsely accused by his scheming cousin. Upon the Colonel’s death, his cousin would gain the Colonel’s fortune. The Colonel decides to marry before his execution in order to thwart his cousin’s plan. After marrying a street singer, Elsie Maynard, the Colonel has an opportunity to escape, leaving his new wife in a difficult position.

“The Yeomen of the Guard.” is directed and choreographed by Light Opera Works artistic director, Rudy Hogenmiller, who has directed many other productions for the company. The opera’s 29-piece orchestra will be conducted by Light Opera Works music director Roger L. Bingaman. The cast includes Colm Fitzmaurice (Colonel Fairfax), Alicia Berneche (Elsie), George Andrew Wolff (Jack Point), Dennis Kelly (Sergeant Meryll), Sahara Glasener-Boles (Phoebe), Alex Honzen (Wilfred Shadbolt) and Yvonne Strumecki (Dame Carruthers).