Alley in the 2400 block of Park Place. Here, Robert Feldman goes with the flow after a recent storm.

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… that construction of the new beach house and restrooms at Clark Street beach is complete. The new entrance to the boat ramp is from Clark/Sheridan now, not Church Street.

… that elsewhere construction continues apace. NICOR says its repairs to the gas lines will encompass the following areas (some already completed): Sheridan from Foster to Greenwood; Chicago from Sheridan to Davis; Hinman from Sheridan to Church; Judson from Sheridan to Davis; Clark from Chicago to Judson; Church from Hinman to Sheridan; Davis from Judson to Sheridan; Forest from Church to Davis; Lake Shore Blvd from Greenwood South; Lake from Forest to Sheridan.

MWRD says its repairs should be completed by the end of this month. No end date yet for the Dodge Avenue construction at Dempster and south, but progress is being made there. Dempster remains open to one lane of traffic only in each direction between McCormick (or, more accurately, the middle of the bridge just east of McCormick) and Pitner. Sheridan Road north remains closed between Main and about Dempster, but one southbound lane is open. It’s local traffic only on the residential streets in that area – use Chicago if you’re truly northbound.

Speaking of Sheridan, the proposed traffic light at Sheridan along the NU campus by Garrett is becoming  increasingly controversial. Stay tuned – as you probably recall, NU wants the light there to accommodate its proposed underground parking area. Meanwhile, student jaywalking continues, so some have proposed a traffic light (at NU’s expense, of course) at Hinman and Sheridan. 

… that even though the public beaches officially open on Saturday, lots of folks have been enjoying the beautiful weather at the lakefront.

… that speaking of the lake, a group of U.S. Senators is urging Congress to direct the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to study how to build a physical barrier to keep the Asian carp out of the Great Lakes.

… that ComEd is planning to reach even higher in Evanston, replacing a 35-foot pole on Hull Terrace with a 40-foot one.

… that there is a proposal to “convert and combine two existing storefronts at 1709-1711 and 1713-1715 Simpson St. into a church.”

… that, in relation to the question of temporary “No Parking” signs that seem to have little bearing on work being done, a response from the City said that NICOR reports, “If crews are not working at any time during the day,” signs should be changed to reflect that. … Union rules require that during inclement working days, if workers show up to the job, they are paid to wait a minimum of two hours to see if weather conditions improve.”

… that the Active Transportation Alliance has released the fifth edition of the Chicagoland Bike Map. The ATA says the map has expanded coverage to the north up to Lake Geneva and south all the way to the Midewin Prairie in Grundy County, more trail and on-street biking networks, icons for all the bike shops in the region and historic military sites. Maps are also available online at for $10 each.

From our readers:

TG: Here is an update about the efforts of Alderman Jane Grover to lessen the volume of the announcements at the Central Street Metra station. ‘City staff – the City Manager’s office and our Intergovernmental Relations Coordinator, Matt Swentofsky – are addressing the issue directly to Metra’s corporate representatives. I hope to know soon what comes of those discussions.– Jane Grover,  Alderman, 7th Ward

TG: Here are a couple of photos my wife took last Thursday of me paddling my kayak in our alley on the 2400 block of Park Place. Maybe someday the City will fix this recurrent flooding instead of just having their property standards department threaten us with fines because our garages are in poor repair due to flooding of our City-paved and supposedly maintained alley.     – Robert Feldman

TG: The 300 block of Darrow Avenue looks like snow in May. This side of Evanston has always had many giant cottonwood trees, but this year we have had an amazing amount of cottonwood fluff fall down. The lawns are covered in white, the kids have been having
“snowball fights” with it and when the wind blows it looks like a snow storm – pretty cool. … Most of the cottonwood fluff is gone after the big rain
but here is a shot that we took on the block last week.  – Lisa Martinez

 The Traffic Guy thinks …

It’s going to be a great summer.