Evanston Fire Officials remind all citizens and store owners that the sale, use, or possession of all fireworks (including sparklers) is illegal in Evanston.  The National Fire Protection Association reported last year over 9,800 injuries and 32,000 fires occurred from the use of fireworks.  Of these incidents, 75% occurred between June 23rd and July 23rd.  Despite the dangers of fireworks, many people don’t understand the risks.  Sparklers alone can burn up to 1,800º Fahrenheit. 

Do not let a serious injury spoil your summer celebrations.  Do not set off fireworks.  Not only are they not safe for you or your children but they are illegal.  Educate your children about the dangers of fireworks. The best way to enjoy a fireworks display is to view the professional show on July 4th at the Evanston lakefront.

Recently, Evanston Fire Investigators confiscated nearly 100 pounds of illegal fireworks from local retailers. The store owners were issued citations. The illegal materials will be taken to a secure location and destroyed by technicians. Fire Investigators will continue to survey retailers and investigate any who may be selling illegal fireworks.