From now until July 5th, Alexander Dowd, a 12-year-old resident of Evanston, will be helping Evanston Public Library Friends (EPLF) in its efforts to save the Evanston Public Library System.  Alexander, a talented, soon-to-be seventh grader at Haven Middle School, will be translating people’s names into hieroglyphs for a small fee outside of the North Branch Library, and a portion of the proceeds will be given to EPLF.  He will be located just outside the library on 2026 Central Street on occasional afternoons for the next two weeks.  In addition, he will be selling lemonade with a few of his friends, all to benefit the library that they have grown to love over the years.  His 10-year-old sister Eliza, a devoted North Branch user, will also be helping with the sales. 

Alexander first became interested in the Ancient Egyptian writing system after a unit covered in his sixth grade Social Studies course. His mother, Jane, described how excited Alexander was to learn to read and write in the ancient form.  In the future, Alexander hopes to be an Egyptologist, as the subject fascinates and intrigues him.  With his newfound passion, Alexander had a vision to make a business of his own. This Wednesday will not be Alexander’s first time translating names into hieroglyphs.  For several weeks, Alexander has set up a booth in the park across from the North Branch and has offered his handwritten services. 

Alexander’s efforts to help his local library and his community are admirable.  “The library is a great place to learn about things like Egyptology. I am really glad they appreciate my business. It’s a great way to share my interest with other kids.  I found a way to put my knowledge of

Egyptology to good use and it’s true fun!” he said. It is the commitment children like Alexander display that helps show just how important the Evanston Public Library System is to young Evanston residents.