Story by Meredith Newman, photo by Janet G. Messenger

Chef Perry, an employee of Evanston Signs, 2120 Ashland Ave., expressed his enthusiasm for the Chicago Blackhawks’ journey to the Stanley Cup. Outside the store sits a Blackhawks bench, with Blackhawks’ colors, logo, and the number 21, representing Stan Mikita, a member of the team that won the Stanley Cup for Chicago in 1961.“I made the bench because it’s one of my hobbies,” said Mr. Perry. “I play hockey and I’m a huge fan. I’ve been making these benches since before the ’Hawks won the cup, and made other benches for the Winter Classic as well as for other [general] occasions.” He added that the bench created some buzz and questions around the store, especially after the ’Hawks defeated the Philadelphia Flyers for the
Cup two weeks ago.