No doubt you know the City of Evanston is making a fuss

About people displaying their gluteus maximus.

I assume that those people we think of as meek

Are not the ones exposing a cheek,

Except as the cheek that is part of the face,

The cheek that would not legally cause any disgrace.

The City Nudity Ordinance will define what is nude,

But it doesn’t define how one’s appearance is lewd.

Although our culture sort of dictates body parts to conceal,

In practice we see that these dictates aren’t real

We see half-naked people every day,

Assaulting us in every way.

I don’t think the ordinance states that it’s only an adult

That the City will consider nudity to be a fault.

Years ago, a neighbor’s 2-year-older removed all her clothes,

Which consequently brought the mother many woes.

The police made the mother and child become a social worker’s case

Because the child was naked in a public place.

I hope the police department will decide

To focus its attention on more serious laws that are defied.

As a resident said: “The City could make a pretty penny

If officers gave tickets to the many

Drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians crossing the street.”

I agree.  My ditty is complete.