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… that Oakton is under construction near Dawes School. Between Grey and Dodge traffic is one lane in each direction and, as you might suspect, no parking on the south side of the street.

… that while Dodge Avenue south of Dempster is looking smooth and clear, con- struction is beginning between Lake and Emerson. Watch out for congestion, “No Parking” signs and big machinery.  

… that, speaking of Dodge, a reader called to say she recently saw a CTA bus traveling north on Dodge in the bike lane.

… that construction continues around Fountain Square but could be winding down soon. Remember, northbound traffic on Orrington is one-lane only between Grove and Davis, and there are crews and machines there, so drive carefully.

… that the City will kick in for a feasibility study about an Evanston stop on the Yellow Line. Folks have wanted that for a while. By agreeing with the Illionis Department of Transportation (IDOT) to allow federal participation, the City will be reimbursed by the feds for 80 percent of the $275,000 cost through federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) funds.

… that the City was recently awarded the “Emerson Street & Isabella Street Emergency Resurfacing Program” contract. The state has emergency resurfacing funds and those street segments qualified. Or so it would seem.

… that some curbs and sidewalks will be repaired this summer through the 50/50 program. The 50/50 Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program, the City says, “provides for the replacement of sections of deteriorated sidewalk as requested by property owners. The cost of sidewalk replacement is shared between property owners and the City. The property owners pay 50 percent of the cost. Sidewalk sections damaged by tree roots are replaced using City funds. These improvements are performed annually throughout the City.” So, check with Streets & Sanitation department if you’re interested in the program for next year.

… that the City has two more honorary street names: the portion of Dempster Street between Ridge Avenue and Asbury Avenue will be called “Rabbi Peter Knobel Way” in honor of Rabbi Peter S. Knobel, who recently retired from Beth Emet the Free Synagogue. The portion of Forest Avenue between Kedzie Street and Keeney Street will be called “Lauterbach Way” in honor of Ned and Albe Lauterbach – he a retired alderman and both active and engaged citizens of Evanston. When the City honors someone this way, three signs are created: two for the street segments and one for the honoree.

… that Turin Bicycle and the Active Transportation Alliance set up a booth at Fountain Square on June 17 as part of Bike to Work Week. Anne Barnes of Turin and Lina Hoffman of ATA greeted bikers, offering them coffee, snacks and goody bags. A few aldermen biked in to greet the other bike-to-workers, and a good time was had by all.

… that the controversy over the proposed traffic signal to be installed at the  Northwestern University entrance on Sheridan Road near Garrett has been resolved in favor of NU. Check out Shawn Jones’s story on the fight. The modernization of other, less controversial traffic signals will continue along Sheridan from Chicago Avenue to Central Street.

… that, speaking of controversy, TG hears that the problem of the loud announcements at the Central Street Metra station, noted in the last two columns, has not been resolved but has in fact become worse. The concerned homeowner reports that the announcements – which spill over into the neighborhood, even though they are intended for those on the platform – have become even louder and, with the summer, more frequent. Let’s hope something will be done to alleviate the problem. 

… that Northwestern sponsored a symposium on “distracted pedestrians.” The topic was “how to keep preoccupied walkers safe around railways. … An increase in pedestrian train accidents and fatalities is prompting officials to discuss how to keep cell-phone-chatting, iPod-listening, Kindle-reading and otherwise distracted pedestrians safe around trains.” The goal was to “generate recommendations that will encourage change in pedestrian behavior and reduce the number of accidents. “TG thinks perhaps bans on these activities while walking (as exist now with driving) might help.

… that the City will again sponsor the Evanston leg of the Grand Prix of Cycling (AKA the “Evanston Grand Prix), this year on July 18. 

 … that Bar Louie has changed ownership and that Golden Olympic and Bombay Indian Grill have received liquor licenses.

… that Giordano’s pizza restaurant hopes to relocate to 1527 Sherman Ave.

… that the City will inoculate 175 elm trees in public areas in town against Dutch elm disease.

… that these happy pugs enjoyed a
bath at the CARE dog-wash fundraiser, just before (as the owner of one said) “the heavens opened” during one of our recent downpours.

… from our readers: TG: When the Village of Skokie put up the traffic cameras between Bennett and McCormick north of Dempster, they cut down two trees – cut down two trees just so they could take pictures of  people.
I hope they won’t do this in Evanston. – Sandy Weller (to TG by phone message)

From TG: TG shares your concern but thinks that, as a Silver Tree City (the “silver modifying “tree city” not “tree”), the community of Evanston keeps pretty close watch on its parkway trees.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… Hope everyone is loving the Starlight Concerts. Surely everyone enjoyed the Custer Street Fair (please understand that it’s a street fair not a Custer Street fair, as Custer is an Avenue), more formally known as Custer’s Last Stand Festival of the Arts. The Fountain Square Arts Festival is coming up, then the Ethnic
Arts Festival in July. In the meantime, there’s the Fourth of July parade. You can stake out your claims beginning at 6 a.m. on July 1. With the election coming in November, this one should be chock full of pols – hope we also have some fun
local entries.