“Guns do not kill; people do.”
Tell that to the child who found a toy
that made a very big BA–!

Or to the kid on the street that thought
his piece was just metal muscle until…

Tell the soldier trying to forget
and sleep through
the ripping noise of death
for the rest of his life
that “Wars do not kill; we do.”

Tell us all that life has to be about that;
then tell yourself.

Is there in our Constitution
an inalienable right to bear arms?
Do we not all have the right
to live free of fear?
Are not our laws meant to give us that?
Meant to tame, not aid and abet?
Guns are made to kill; not people.

That said, the world today
is armed with weapons
that describe, if not define it.
The violence in its soul is real;
the blood on its streets
cold and black with dyings.
The gun in hand can only add to that
because the fears we live with are feral
in the worst of ways.
Dreams will not change that;
only choices we are not evolved
enough to make.
Sad as that is, we are where we are,
still in the wilderness.