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One of the questions that comes up fairly often for a Reader Advisor at Evanston Public Library is, “What are the book groups reading these days?” People want to know for a couple of good reasons: first,  to be able to bring good reading suggestions to their own book groups, and second, even folks who are not in book groups figure that if a title has been selected as a good read for a book group, it is likely to be a good read for anyone.

 Now there is a way to find out “what’s hot” with the book groups around town. On the Evanston Library website, book groups can complete a survey and share their reading lists. Not only that, the survey asks them to rate the discussion for each book listed. Was it just so-so, or such a great conversation the group ran overtime? Maybe it was a good read but only a lukewarm discussion. The survey also offers an opportunity to share tips and tricks for having a successful group and lively discussions. All the responses to the survey will be posted on the website for the community to use.

Anyone who would like to complete the survey for a book group, or would like to see what local groups are recommending, visit the Evanston Public Library book survey page at