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On July 11, at approximately 4:16 a.m. , Evanston police received a call that a man was trying to open car doors in the 1300 block of Ashland Avenue, said Commander Tom Guenther, public information officer for the Evanston Police Department. Once in the area, police officers observed the man and tried to stop him, but he fled on foot. Officers then began a systematic search of the area, expanding it citywide. At approximately 5:37 a.m. patrol officers once again observed the man in the area of South Blvd. and Chicago Avenue. This time the officers were able to stop him, said the Commander.  

The man acknowledged that he ran from police earlier in the morning. Officers then conducted a safety search of a shoulder bag the man was carrying, and they found various gift cards associated with persons other than the man, as well as a camcorder, GPS, car chargers, two I-Pod’s and a small amount of marijuana, said the Commander. 

After activating the camcorder and GPS units, police were able to identify the owners. Police were able to verify the man’s involvement with various vehicle burglaries in Evanston and other jurisdictions, said Commander Guenther. The man was charged with three felony burglaries from an automobile as well as other offenses. The man, 38 years old, is currently homeless.