Clockwise from upper left are Margaret ‘Peg’ Mangold, born Apr. 21, 1907; Ruth Reder, born Jul. 8, 1906; Katherine Kremer, born Aug. 8, 1904; Lileth MacKnight, born Oct. 25, 1902; Esther Bollman, born Apr. 27, 1907; Helen Shanley, born Jan. 30, 1909; Emma Hunter, born Nov. 18, 1909; and Marjorie Klapperish, the “kid” in the group, born Aug. 28, 1910.

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A festive reception was held on July 8 for families and friends of eight centenarians who reside at the Mather pavilion, 820 Foster Ave.  A patriotic-themed party included a professional singer performing favorite songs and melodies of the honored guests, a skit and a video presentation that interwove photographs of each of the eight women into historic events that have occurred since the birth of Lileth MacKnight, the eldest, born on Oct. 25, 1902.