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The North Shore Mosquito Abatement District will be conducting targeted adult mosquito control operations in portions of Evanston, Glenview, Skokie and Wilmette on Thursday, Aug. 5 through early Friday morning, from 8-2 a.m., weather permitting.

The NSMAD map numbers to be treated are:

02-35 Evanston & Wilmette
03-34 Evanston & Wilmette
04-33 Evanston & Wilmette
05-32 Wilmette
06-31 Glenview, Wilmette & Skokie

This area is bounded by: Lake Ave., Hibbard Rd., Old Orchard Rd./Central Street, and Lake Michigan.

Please see the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District’s web site for detailed information regarding the specific NSMAD map numbers to be treated.

Located on the North Shore of Cook County, Illinois, the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District serves: Evanston, Skokie, Glencoe, Lincolnwood, Glenview, Morton Grove, Wilmette, Golf, Northfield, Northbrook, Winnetka and Niles east of Harlem Avenue. The NSMAD serves the community in the interest of public health by working to reduce and control the regional mosquito population: so as to reduce the possibility of mosquito borne diseases and minimize the exposure to mosquitoes.

Residents should follow these steps to protect themselves against West Nile Virus

Protect yourself:

• Eliminate mosquitoes that cause West Nile Virus from your property;

• Dump water out of bird baths, children’s toys, pet dishes and rain gutters;

• Remove old tires, empty planters, and other containers that hold water;

• Wear long sleeves and long pants at dusk and dawn; and

• Read instructions on repellent labels before using.



• Water that has been standing for more than 5 days; or

• Dead birds seen in Evanston


to the Evanston Health Department at 847/866-2949 or email health@cityofevanston.org for any additional information.