There are those who love it, and those who hate it; and others who simply move with it as a fact of life. Like death and taxes, change is one of life’s certainties. It would seem accepting it would be a part of healthy living.

But for those who see any kind of change as the enemy, what follows may help them realize they are in a war they cannot win and life is as much about becoming as it is being.

Change is the universe breathing.
Even when painful, not chosen, beyond comprehension, change eventually means new life. Embrace change like a new baby
and wait for its surprises.

When stifled in a self change gives way to old life, losing its direction toward the tomorrow that change is relentlessly creating. Do not stop the process. Accept the moment, and what it brings; breathe with the universe.

Change is the universe expanding.
Every self is a universe whose expansions,
as with the universe itself, are ever toward the wholeness that every change is seeking.

Change is the universe breathing. Breathing with the universe is not about surrendering as much as it is about accepting and embracing the gift of becoming. For those who resist change, the war may never be won. But if they can call a truce and catch their breath, they may discover the grace and wonder of how it feels to move with creation, then choose to breathe with the rhythms of it.