– The Big Bang.  What a terrible name for the beginning of things. The phrase may describe as well as scientists can what happened at that moment before time, but it feels totally irreverent. Can someone find a better word or phrase to name the event? “Creation” does it for me.

– Mosque Madness.  Every American treasures the freedoms of this land, one of which is freedom of worship. I stood at Ground Zero just months after 9/11, and to this day the impact of what I felt remains with me. The site will forever be a place of prayer. So, what’s the problem?

– Diss-ing D.C.  I am of the mind that the President is doing the best he can. I wish I could feel the same way about Washington. While the economy remains cruel to all of us, it does not help for politicians to be cruel to one another.

– Cubbie Holes.  It remains beyond belief that the Cubs’ season ended in July. Now that they are into rebuilding, I hope they are looking into places other than Legoland. Whatever happened this time around, I still do not know if I will be waiting till next year. (Yes. I do. I already am…)

Gulf Oil Spill.  Am I alone in wondering where all the oil went? And how much of it has actually been recovered? BP may be doing a great job with its responsibility ads, but I have no idea to date about the number of barrels siphoned from the Gulf waters and even how well that huge “whale” tanker did in collecting the oil. Having some of those numbers would help my peace of mind. Ever since the disaster, the phrase, “Oysters will spoil if you boil them in oil” has been static between my ears and I couldn’t say why until I remembered being a speech teacher back East. That ditty was a required drill for Brooklynites trying to speak English. That’s one whale of a memory!

– Ex-Guv just does not get it.   Why doesn’t he just go away? Rod Blagojevich is an embarrassment to Illinois, especially to many who voted for him, who should be embarrassed themselves. The media would serve us well by ignoring his manipulations and psycho-babblings. He is political pollution and he seems to think damage control is all about demonizing justice. Why does the media choose to dance with his ego?

E-mail Wisdom (in retrospect).   Clicking on “Send” for most e-mails is a no-brainer, but sometimes doing that is fraught with danger. The Internet can be too instant when dealing with one’s emotions. Such responses need to be held in check before letting them fly recklessly into cyberspace with harmful accuracy. The “save as draft” option is there for a reason and I, for one, wish I had used it on more than a couple of occasions.

Eh? What’s that, young feller?    Am I wrong or are people, especially the younger crowd, talking faster these days? I realize my ears aren’t what they used to be, but it seems so many are speaking the way they text or tweet – using rapid-fire sound bytes I try to put together like jigsaw puzzle pieces to catch what they are saying. I guess it is just a sign of the accelerating pace of life.  

And it has come to this.   The story in the news said, “The gunmen took off on their bikes.” Shouldn’t it have read “gunkids”?