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 “Carrotmob” is a network of consumers who buy products in order to reward businesses making the most socially responsible decisions. Citizens’ Greener Evanston’s pilot Carrotmob will take place at Lemoi Ace Hardware, 1008 Davis St. on Oct. 9, 2010. Lemoi has committed to use 50 percent of the extra revenue to finance building energy-efficiency upgrades.

To make this event a success volunteers are needed to pass out flyers for Carrotmob on at least the following days: Car-Free Day and Parking Day (Sept. 17 and 22), Oct. 8 (the day before Carrotmob), and Oct. 9, the day of Carrotmob. More information is coming soon to Volunteers are also needed to distribute posters and staff a booth outside Lemoi on Oct. 9 to hand out CGE materials and answer questions from the crowds.

E-mail Laura at …
  • To volunteer to distribute flyers or posters or staff the CGE booth;
  • With information for an Evanston organization (like the PTA, Rotary, a school district, etc.) whose members would be interested in this event;
  • If you have a person-sized carrot costume, or share of a place to get one.

More information on Carrotmob is available at