Evanston Police declared an “all clear” at Evanston Township High School this afternoon after a bomb scare earlier today, Sept. 17. ETHS officials dismissed students at 1:35 p.m. after they said they hadreceived a bomb threat written on toilet paper in a restroom.”

A statement posted on the ETHS website by the safety department said, “While it is questionable about the veracity of the threat, we have consulted with the Evanston Police Department and have been advised to evacuate the school so police officials can thoroughly search the school.”

A later posting on the website read, “Police completed a thorough search of the school with bomb-sniffing dogs and have issued an all clear. Evanston Township High School is now open as usual. “The event scheduled by an outside group for Friday evening was scheduled to be held in the auditorium as planned, and all student activities planned for Sept. 18 will held as planned.