Bankruptcy for Evanston?


A simple but elegant solution to the pension crisis. [$10,000 per household! Anybody want to buy a house?] Do what the airline industry did. Declare bankruptcy, negate the defined benefit pensions as the code allows, scr*w the employees and unilaterally set up a defined contribution plan. Trust me, it works. As a retired Eastern and United pilot, I have seen it first-hand. My pension is one third of what it should be and is paid by you, the taxpayer. Thank you.

One other small point. It is apparent to me that the first issue is state control of local pensions.  Shouldn’t Mayor Tisdahl and Rep. Gabel be up to date on any potential solution? Not only up to date but leading the charge. What am I missing here?

–Wright B. George/Captain/USAF/UAL

Thank you for the Series on Student Achievement


Thank you so much for compiling such comprehensive research data on District 65 students in a long series of articles over the summer.  It took me a long time to study the details of the articles and consider the conclusion of the study.  Those wonderful articles should really be put in a booklet and made available for sale on Amazon.  It is  a great research source for those who are interested in studying more about public schools with demographics like those of Evanston.  Moreover, could you please reprint a much more succinct and shorter version of the articles you published, something like a powerpoint version?  The articles are very illuminating, detailed, and well-researched, but because of their length and complexity of data and analysis, many readers might not have read through the articles entirely.  The surprising lack of passionate community responses to the failure of District 65’s administration under the tenure of Superintendent Hardy Murphy that is implicitly suggested in the detailed, accurate statistical data provided in the articles may be due to readers’ impatience to read and process the the lengthy and complex articles.   A summary version is worth a consideration.  Thank you for caring for our children!

–Dr. T. Spalding