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 Colin Dalebroux, 21, acted alone and had no plans to harm other people on Sept. 14 when a bomb exploded taking his life at Fitzsimmons Park adjacent to Nichols Middle School, according to a statement issued by the Evanston Police Department this morning. In addition, police say their investigation has not produced any information indicating that Nichols School was an intended target of the bombing.

The full statement is reprinted below: 

“Evanston Police Detectives, with assistance from Federal Bureau of Investigation, completed a forensic analysis of Mr. Dalebroux’s personal computer, which contained 320 gigabytes of information, equating to 700,000 files. This analysis revealed that Mr. Dalebroux went to websites, where he could gain knowledge on how to build his explosive device. This review further indicates that Mr. Dalebroux acted alone, and had no specific plans to involve or target others as it pertained to the detonation of the device on the date and time in question. Additionally, this forensic analysis revealed a document written by Mr. Dalebroux outlining his desire to end his life. This evidence combined with previously documented police reports involving suicide attempts by Mr. Dalebroux, further indicate and substantiate his desire for self demise.

Forensic analysis pertaining to the trauma that Mr. Dalebroux’s body sustained during the explosion, indicates that the device did not have a premature detonation, and that Mr. Dalebroux initiated the device himself, understanding the direct consequence of his actions.

“The location and time where Mr. Dalebroux chose to explode the device, indicates cognitive forethought. Mr. Dalebroux chose not to set this device off at his residence, a multi-unit residential structure where others would have been in direct danger. Instead he chose an open air setting, Fitzsimmons Park. The time associated with the detonation 3:53 a.m. also indicates his desire to guard against unintended injury to others. While Nichols Middle School was in close proximity to Fitzsimmons Park, this investigation has not produced information indicating Nichols School was a target of any intended violence.

“It should be noted, that an air-soft pistol (pellet gun) was recovered at the scene, contained within a backpack belonging to Mr. Dalebroux. Supposition could give rise to the possibility that Mr. Dalebroux would have forced a confrontation with police, if he were confronted before he was able to execute his suicide, thus fulfilling his action by directly engaging the police in a perceived aggressive manner.

After conducting all necessary investigative initiatives, the Evanston Police Department now concludes that Mr. Dalebroux acted alone, had no other specific intended targets, and committed suicide by detonating a self constructed device.”