Attorney General Lisa Madigan today demanded that 23 additional loan servicers provide her office with information concerning the fairness and accuracy of their foreclosure procedures in courts across the state, said the Attorney General’s office in a prepared statement.

The Attorney General recently issued a similar demand to GMAC/Ally, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase to halt all pending foreclosures in Illinois, including post-foreclosure sales and evictions, after they allegedly admitted they were filing false documents in foreclosure proceedings, said the Attorney General’s office. 

In today’s 23 demand letters, Attorney General Madigan called on mortgage companies to evaluate their internal foreclosure review procedures and, unless they can provide assurances that the affidavits and foreclosure documents are trustworthy, to immediately suspend pending foreclosure actions in Illinois.

 Attorney General Madigan plans to introduce legislation in Springfield to ensure the integrity of documents filed in foreclosure actions. The bill will ensure that homeowners know the amount they owe, who owns their loan, the terms of their original loan and who they can contact, said the Attorney General’s office.