Lisa J. Bernstein, a Bessie Rhodes Magnet School third grade teacher, is this year’s recipient of the Excellence in Elementary Mathematics Teaching award from the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM). 

“Ms. Bernstein represents the teaching profession with enthusiasm. She receives this recognition due to her willingness to participate in professional activities to improve herself and her classroom instruction, particularly in the area of mathematics,” said School District 65 Superintendent Dr. Hardy Murphy. “Ms. Bernstein is an inspirational teacher who creates a love of learning in her students and serves as a role model for her colleagues.” 

A parent from Dr. Bessie Rhodes Magnet School, Ms. Andrea Sorenson, said, “Ms. Bernstein has gone above and beyond excellent classroom teaching from 8:00 to 3:00 daily, to weaving creative and practical math thinking into our school community culture.” 

Outside the classroom, Ms. Bernstein has been involved with Project EXCITE, a joint program between District 65, District 202, Northwestern University for math and science enrichment serving underrepresented minority students. She is a member of their steering committee and is a Project EXCITE Instructor since 2000. She has presented at Metropolitan Math Club’s annual conference, served as a teacher-in-residence (worked on the 3rd/current edition of Everyday Math), is a professional development presenter, and participated as a summer fellow (2010) at the University of Chicago Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education. 

She is set to receive her award in Springfield on Oct. 15.