The weather turned crisp on the cusp of the Green Living Festival, and the season’s first chill may have added immediacy to those who wish to live sustainably and lower energy and fuel costs.

Transportation demonstrations occupied most of the parking circle in front of the Ecology Center: bicycles and hybrid and fuel-efficient cars. Behind the center, vendors described their products and services to make life easier on the planet.

The festival also offered a tour of homes and businesses using solar power and the computer-recycling center at Evanston Township High School.

Mike Schatz and Brian Cullen of Chicago Rain Barrels showed their “repurposed” wares: Barrels imported into this country holding olives, pickles, cherries and the like are reworked into rain barrels, Mr. Schatz said. 

Mark Cunningham of WinSol power in Glenview (pictured) posed with a light powered by photovoltaic array (front) and a wind turbine. The roof-mounted wind turbine will generate 15-20 percent of a household’s annual energy, he said.