Reader Enjoyed ‘Lady Elgin’ Stories


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the two part series by Janet Messenger on the Lady Elgin shipwreck.

They were very well written with detailed information on the terrible disaster and heroic efforts to rescue survivors.

Thanks for the informative history lesson.  I cut them out and will share them with my children.   –Pat Kelly

We Can’t Miss with Biss


This year, I will be enthusiastically casting my vote for Daniel Biss for State Representative of the 17th District. At a time when voters are being barraged by media messages from all directions telling us that we are feeling disenfranchised, apathetic and are likely to stay home on November 2nd, I am finding voters throughout the 17th Illinois House District brimming with excitement about Daniel Biss’ candidacy and what he will do for us when we send him to Springfield.

Almost every time I mention Daniel’s name to someone they reply “I met him; he knocked on our front door.”  From Glenview to Skokie, people like the fact that Daniel is smart, that he actually understands the State budget, that he has good ideas about solving our state’s financial crisis and that he cares about families, public education, creating jobs and preserving the environment. People love the fact that Daniel has been listening to our concerns and ideas as he has walked door to door throughout the district for more than the past year.  It is really refreshing to have a candidate who really wants to listen to us and represent us.

By sending Biss to Springfield, we as voters will be taking a significant step towards turning around the problems that have had a chokehold on our state.  We need new leaders like Daniel who are committed to tackling the tough problems, listening to constituents and laying the foundation for a bright future for our children. 

Please join me in voting for Daniel Biss!   — Kate Mahoney