The Business Alliance for a Sustainable Evanston (BASE) will hold an electronic-waste recycling-pickup campaign for businesses. The campaign aims to provide a cheap, easy and responsible solution for Evanston businesses to dispose of their old electronics.

Electronic waste (“e-waste”) is a growing environmental problem. The United States generated an estimated 3.16 million tons of e-waste in 2008, of which only 13.6 percent was recycled. Additionally, the EPA estimates some 234.6 million old computer units and televisions are simply sitting in storage rather than being properly disposed of.

Illinois has instituted legislation requiring manufacturers to take back and recycle residential electronic waste, but businesses have limited options. “There are lots of resources available for residents looking to recycle e-waste responsibly, but nothing for the business community. In an effort to provide an environmentally responsible solution for businesses, BASE developed this program,” says Paige Finnegan, who develops member programming for BASE. She continues, “It’s a win-win: Businesses regain valuable space and their e-waste is kept from a landfill.”

The BASE “Bring Out Your Dead” campaign is scheduled to make collections during the week before Halloween. For $10 an item, any business or organization can have electronic waste picked up on-site and either refurbished for use in area schools or recycled by an ISO 14001 material-recovery facility. Hard drive data destruction reports are also available. Additionally, small items such as cell phones, modems and routers will be collected at no charge.

Residents may sign up online for e-waste pickup at More information is available at or 312-496-6811.