I have a new friend so light and spry

That follows me around never asking why,

Where e’er I go it’s right by my side

Making sure I’m always safe, it does abide!

Reliable, whether it be morning, night or noon

This faithful friend is truly a boon!

Keeping me independent uplifts my mood

And makes my positive outlook so very good!

No reason for me to think of being sick

I’ll play my bridge game without missing a trick

How fortunate am I to have found this pal

That makes me feel once more like a regular gal!

Whether lunch or dinner, we’ll accept every date

Which my other friends are happy to await

No robber will dare to pass my way

If he tries any ploy he’ll rue the day!

Sarah B. Friedman, a 92-year-old resident of Evanston, wrote this poem after her doctor’s recommendation to use a cane. Ms. Friedman has lived in Evanston for the past 52 years.