Flying Fish & Myst swimmers Unite for Local Benefit

Fifteen YWCA Flying Fish and MYST teens volunteered to help at this Friday’s Dewey Elementary School’s traditional Cakewalk & Pizza night. What’s a Cakewalk? A cakewalk is where people (in this case Dewey students) walk in a circle to music. When the music stops, each person stands on a number in the circle. If their number is called, they get to select a cake from a cake table to take home with them. Dewey students look forward to this fun event every year. And, although it’s not a fundraising event, this year it served about 400 people and netted upwards of  $1,000 for the Dewey PTA. The teen volunteers helped the elementary school children “do the cakewalk”, select winning cakes, serve pizza, and – the most important job of all – judge for the Best Decorated Cakes. 

Photo: Nichols student, Tina Giordano, and Flying Fish swimmers Juliette Shesgreen, Lexi Owen, and Ana Woods, the evening’s “Best Decorated Cakes” Judges, discuss which cakes should win.

Submitted by: Patricia Satnkovic, YWCA Flying Fish Boosters, PR, Co-chair

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Aquatics Director: Peter Caragher