New City Hire From Battlefield Site Town


It appears from an e-mail that I’ve received from the City of Evanston, that they’ve hired a Mr. Griffin from Virginia to be our new Economic and Community Development director. 

This puzzles me because of a previous effort that resulted in over-developing downtown. Didn’t that include a “spire” that will never be constructed? Would a new effort result in more Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts tapping taxpayers for more imaginary projects, especially under this economic downturn?

With the present attitude toward community development that allows egg-laying chickens in lieu of keeping branch libraries open, will the new director reverse this insanity?

It is hard to imagine, with the City having pension deficits and staff cutbacks, that a new position would even be considered. As usual, it can never find any talent locally, always recruiting from far away. I noticed that one of Mr. Griffin’s two previous employments was in Spotsylvania, Va. This was a Civil War battlefield site. Too bad we don’t have a battlefield site here. He’d be perfect for that type of venue!

–Fred J. Wittenberg


Since Bill, Jason and their argue nots

Now concede this close race to be lost

And Pat, the Quinn of may

Will “mandate” tax to pay

Maybe some voters have second thoughts.

—      Robert Bagby

Kudos to the Wildkits


I thank the Evanston Wildkit football team for providing an experience few fans ever will have the opportunity to witness.  Trailing Glenbrook South 31-0 with approximately eight minutes remaining in the third quarter, it appeared that the team was headed to a humiliating defeat. 

At that point, following a questionable ruling in favor of the Titans over an on side kick, the Wildkits reached deep into that reservoir of courage and determination that we like to believe harbors within most Evanstonians and scored five times, while holding the Titans scoreless, to win 34-31. 

No one who witnessed that game ever will forget it.  In my many decades of watching sporting events at the local, state and national levels, I can think of no other game that pulled me out of my seat, to run along the  sidelines screaming encouragement until I lost my voice.  Thank you, Wildkits.

— Chuck Staley

 Remove Halloween Decorations


Another fun and glorious Halloween is over.  Maybe you and/or your children could take just a minute to remove the decorative cobwebs from your bushes and trees.  The microscopic threads can easily entangle and kill birds.  Besides, it’s time to move on to the next holiday!

— Anita Remijas