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Members of the City’s liquor commission appear to support the concept of a brew-pub in Evanston. At the Oct. 28 meeting of the liquor commission, Ted Perez, president of the Evanston Home Brew Club, described his plans for a brew-pub in Evanston. “We’ll brew the beer on the premises – eight standard types and four seasonal brews. Our capacity will be a seven-to-ten-barrel system, with a total of 50,000 gal stored and sold on premises – the limit under Illinois law,” he said. “The concept is celebrating Evanston and the whole North Shore,” he added.

Growlers – half-gallon containers – would be the only carry-home products, Mr. Perez said, in answer to a question from Byron Wilson, a member of the liquor commission. Mr. Wilson, a locally known beer expert and bartender, said, “Growlers are an old American tradition. Years and years ago, every family had a growler.”

“We would be a member of the Illinois Brewers’ Guild,” Mr. Perez said. Beer would be brewed on premises, and “it will be as good as the food: American Bistro [with] a little French and a little Asian.”

Mr. Perez said he has not finalized the name for the brew-pub, but he is narrowing it down. Nor has he settled on a location, but he said that he is working with a LEED-certified architect “to use water reclamation” in the brewery. Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, who also serves as the City’s liquor commissioner, said to Mr. Perez, “Be sure that, when you pick a location, you talk with the alderman of the ward.”

Mr. Wilson said, “[The brew-pub’s] a good deal if you make a good product.”

Mayor Tisdahl also said, “If you’re concerned about whether we’re supportive – we’re supportive. We need more information to be totally supportive.”

Corporation Counsel Grant Farrar said, “Bryon is our beer expert. If you pass muster with him, it’s O.K. with us.”

For a story on the Evanston Home Brew Club, see the April 13, 2010, issue of the RoundTable.