The Evanston Public Library recently upgraded its wireless internet service along with many upgrades to computers throughout the Library. Laptop users will find this much needed and anticipated upgrade to the Library’s wireless connection a welcome enhancement. They will experience faster Internet connections, fewer dropped connections and more consistent access on all floors. Likewise, customers using the Library’s new PCs will find improved access to the various resources available.

Through funding from the City of Evanston’s Capital Improvement Program, the Information Technology Division has made significant improvements to the computer network infrastructure at the Main Library.

“State of the art wireless access points have been installed throughout the Main Library.  These access points will increase the types of clients they can accept and give Library customers better Internet stability and speed. This system upgrade allows the Library to more effectively meet the current and changing needs of online users,” said Evanston Public Library Director Mary Johns.

Twenty-five new replacement computers were installed in the Children’s Room on the first floor, the Training Room on the third floor and the public computer area on the third floor. Some of the older PCs were re-purposed to be catalog stations elsewhere in the Library.

The PC reservation system is now available in the Children’s Room in addition to being used on the second and third floors of the Main Library. The reservation system replaces the handwritten method of signing up for computer time. Customers register to use the computer and the reservation system monitors the time and manages printing functions.