On Nov. 20, 18 students from Lincolnwood Elementary School took part in the Young Inventor Challenge, part of the Chicago Toy and Game Fair (CHITAG) at Navy Pier.

To enter the Young Inventor Challenge, students had to design their own original game, make a prototype and create a poster explaining their process.

They spent all day Saturday at CHITAG presenting and playing their games with visitors, including Hasbro executive Mike Hirtle, actor John Ratzenberger, Mayor Richard Daley, who could then vote for their favorite game.

Out of 26 entries, ten were from Lincolnwood students, and one from a former Lincolnwood student. “Journey Back To Earth” was invented by Claire Ivey and Ruby Siegel, “Rockin’ Road-trip” by Mary Hays and Grace Parmer, “Carnival Maze” by Rachel Lichter, “Candy Fix” by Leah Altman and Erin Ikeuchi, “Lunchroom Dash” by Grace Fabbri, Samantha Goldenberg and Caitlin Strickland, “Calendar Craze” by Kelly Kleschen and Madison Yang, “Soccer Blast” by Sophia Yang, “Build Your Better Food” by Joey Fitzgerald and Max Jaffe, “Chippety Chip Chip” by Joshua Seef, and “Quest to Success” by Charlie Davis and Ethan Hawker. Naomi Lichter, now a sixth-grader grader at Haven Middle School, invented “Bleuch!!”