Well, Christmas is really just days away. This column last time suggested some smaller, less expensive items for all ages, all anglers. Here are a few other options that will be on the other end of the price scale. Warm up the credit card.

The best accessory for a shore fisherman is the Fish-n-Mate. This aluminum-frame, stainless-steel-fitted handcart that weighs in at 14 pounds will carry all your gear to the shore and then some. The cart will hold a cooler, tackle box, bait containers and is fitted with four rod holders. The tires are large enough to allow movement over almost any terrain and should fit into the back of most SUVs and vans without any trouble. They are available at Cabela’s for $179.95.

Once at a favorite spot at the Skokie Lagoons or Beck Lake, it would be nice to have sonar to check out the bottom structure like the guys in the boats. Hummingbird makes a terrific unit called the Hummingbird RF25 that will give the same information to improve fishing. This unit has a wireless screen that attaches to the fishing rod. The remote-sending unit attaches to the end of the fishing line. Then just cast the sending unit like a lure to the target fishing location. The unit sends back the bottom image from as much as 150 feet from the location. This is available for $129.99, but Cabela’s has it on sale online for $79.99.

The last item is special, because it is more a learning tool than a fishing tool. The Aquaview Underwater Camera, at $299, is amazing. This little unit allows the angler to see the underwater world her or she is fishing, up close and personal. It teaches so much about fishing habitats, giving the fisherman the advantage of knowing what that structure really looks like. It is a great investment for the serious fisherman building a knowledge base.

Happy holidays everyone. Wishing everyone an outstanding 2011. Keep a tight line until next time.

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