But Wally in his antlers and Liz in her cap are too busy running the City to stop for a nap.

The last meeting before Christmas and throughout Morton’s “house,”

Few residents showed up either to praise or to grouse.

The Council approved its expenses with care, and a 3-1-1 call center soon will be there.

The City has hired a bounty hunter to pursue

Scofflaws and others who don’t pay revenue.

So whoever owes us money may lie snug in their beds, but collections and revenue dance in Gila’s corporate head.

And Evanston Township levied its tax; Grover, Rainey and Burrus voted “no” to the max.

City Manager Wally named vacant positions which

Are filled now by Griffin, Hurley and Radzevich.

Steve Griffin and Nancy Radzevich will grow our tax base

With economic development; Diane Hurley – our green face.

When through the whole chamber there arose such a clatter

That everyone rose to see what was the matter.

Flags marched through; the police chief’s grin flashed

Watching three of his officers receive honors unmatched

For their problem-solving efforts in a crime-ridden enclave –

A “miracle on 34th street” on our own Jackson Ave.

But bills brought back reality; they can’t stay unpaid.

“$14 million in debt service,” the money guys said.

As the evening wore on concerns about a store

Led to discussion, a plea and much more –

Seems Evanston Plaza is once more in a fix

With the closing of a store owned by TJ Maxx.

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear,

But Council members determined A.J. Wright should stay here.

The City, it seems, will have to act quick

Since TJX said it will close the store in a lick.

A bit of good news was refunding of debt

Abating some taxes, as new bonds we get.

More rapid than eagles the general obligation tax abatement resolutions came

As Lyons and Council flew through them, giving not one a name.

“Now Wilson! Now Burrus! Now, Grover and Tendam!

On, Wynne, Holmes and Rainey, J. Fiske and L-Jean!”

As next year emerges, the public may see

A new type of public art in this community.

Lighthouses galore, decorated and themed

Is the idea the Public Art Committee has dreamed.

Like the cows in Chicago, this art will be terrific –

Creative and moo-dy and also prolific.

The microdistillery on Chicago took a step toward a roof

With its zoning and cash for a façade now approved.

A new gun law tailored to Supreme Court intent

Will return next meeting – one might say Heller-bent.

With that Council sprang from their chairs with a whistle

And flew from chambers but not like the down of a thistle.

Attendees sighed not exclaimed ere they slipped out of sight,

“Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night.”