Ice Skating: When weather conditions allow, ice-skating rinks will be created at Ackerman Park (McDaniel Avenue at Central Street), Baker Park (Forest Avenue at Keeney Street) and the Dawes Park Lagoon (Church Street at Sheridan Road). No attendants are on duty to supervise rinks and shelter houses will not be open.

It takes three consecutive days of temperatures 15 degrees or lower to have sufficient frost penetration of the ground. It then takes at least six days of applying water to have ice thick enough to skate upon, and a warm spell and significant snowfall will disrupt the ice-making process. A recorded message with ice rink conditions is updated at 847-859-7822, ext. 8.

Sledding at James Park: City ordinances 12-0-02 and 7-10-4 apply to sledding at James Park. 

Small and Intermediate Hill Regulations: Sledding is at the user’s own risk. No tobogganing, skiing, or snowboarding is permitted. Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding. Adults are responsible for supervising children in their care. 

Large Hill Regulations: No sledding, tobogganing, skiing or snowboarding are permitted. No trespassing when signs are posted.